Tangible Assets | Tangible Asset Partners: Alternative Investment Manager for Real Assets
Tangible Asset Partners is a Luxembourg-based company in the process of becoming Alternative Investment Fund Management Company focused on investments in Real Assets.
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Welcome To Tangible Asset Partners

Investment Manager For Real Assets

Tangible Asset Partners Sarl, founded in 2013, is a Luxembourg-based Alternative Investment Fund Management Company focused on investments in Real Assets specializing in Real Estate with outstanding Asset Management expertise. We pursue a disciplined and integrated investment approach utilizing of top-down research and bottom-up market transaction intelligence. We highly value risk-management and local expertise with onsite specialists in our variable asset-classes and markets. Tangible Asset Partners draws on a variety of specialized investment teams, providing tailor­-made solutions to its clients.

What We Do

Our mission is to add immediate value for our clients, building long-lasting partnerships through the knowledge, determination, dedication and creativity of our people. Our talented management teams enable superior returns through identifying investment strategies focused on Real Assets. We establish partnerships with top Asset Management teams, having the belief, that a sustainable outperformance can only be created via the best managers.

Our Strength

The Tangible Asset Partners` team has a rich mix of financial, strategic and investment experience. In particular we bring valuable direct operating experience in various real estate fund-, investment- and asset management capabilities. Our firm is built on the belief that allocations in real estate have the potential to outperform other asset classes on a risk-adjusted basis over the long term. Direct allocations in Real Assets require specialist and on ground know-how. They cannot be bought by “pushing a button” and thus, have to be meticulously managed on an everyday basis. Therefore, we believe that only the best investment and asset managers can consistently outperform the market.


Million Euro in average funds under management


Billion Euro in purchases and sales since 2005


Million Euro of personal capital available for investments in Berlin


Apartments with over 100 landed properties in purchase transactions

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Tangible Asset Partners’s investments are aimed at creating and/or unlocking asset value and capturing that value for our investors. We have a consummate understanding of both real estate and financial markets and approach real estate investing with a multi-asset class frame of mind in order to determine the best opportunities and investment structures to achieve our goal.



Through the interdisciplinary capabilities and diverse experience of our partners and managers, Tangible Asset Partners conducts exhaustive analyses from multiple perspectives which result in innovative viewpoints on investment opportunities. Unlike traditional property investors we seek structure investments that provide current income while maintaining upside optionality, only developing in markets or sub-segments which show a significant supply / demand imbalance.


Opportunities arise from steadfast alliances. Tangible Asset Partners is dedicated to building global, multifaceted relationships as a co-investor, trusted advisor and long-term partner. As we highly honour the trust our investors have placed in us, a thorough understanding of their perspective is essential. The collaborative exchange of ideas and information we share with our investors and portfolio companies is what truly makes us partners. Our on-the-ground presence in the geographies in which we invest ensures existing relationships are fostered and provides for the development of new ones. This regional presence also provides us with a competitive advantage as it allows us to more effectively serve in the role of trusted advisor.


Tangible Asset Partners brings a wide range of capabilities and experience that enables us to identify opportunities that others might miss. The backgrounds of our team members include real estate private equity, real estate debt, global fund management, investment management, asset management and international fund structuring (both tax and law). Our collective knowledge and experience provide us the advantage of an all-encompassing and uniquely focused approach to real estate investing.

Our Values

Entrepreneurial Initiative
Act as if it were your money. Identify options which others have overlooked. Be courageous and take responsibility.
Work as part of a team to achieve goals together, and communicate internally.
Take responsibility not just for your decisions, but for your actions as well, and remember that you represent the company and the investors.
Adhere to moral principles.
Demonstrate utmost expertise in every situation.
Work hard and show determination in every project.
Best Practice
Constantly improve your performance and adhere to the best practice standards in the real estate industry.

Social Responsibility

We are conscious of the fact that our responsibility extends beyond the financial sphere.



Our actions are shaped by sustainability, fairness and social consciousness.


Corporate Governance

We act transparently and seek to avoid conflicts of interest in advance, conditioned by our top-to-bottom approach and strict observance of international good corporate governance standards.


Best Practice

Each member of our management team is personally responsible for adhering to ethical principles and implementing best practice standards as essential components of our corporate philosophy.

With its corporate social responsibility program, Deutsche Asset One demonstrates its awareness of the fact that its responsibility extends beyond the financial sphere. In light of its corporate purpose, our firm feels a particular sense of responsibility for society, changes in sociocultural structures and the ecological sustainability of real estate in Germany.


In order to recognize the importance of this social and ecological responsibility, and in line with the firm’s increasing awareness for sustainability, Tangible Asset Partners is currently working closely with the Institute for Corporate Responsibility Management (ICRM) of Steinbeis University Berlin as part of a public project of the Federal Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs and the European Social Fund (ESF).


The goal is to implement solid and enduring corporate social responsibility measures of the firm’s operations.


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