Tangible Assets | Asset Classes
Tangible Asset Partners invests in the following asset classes: real estate and other real assets.
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Asset Classes


Tangible Asset Partners has a geographic focus on Germany. Tangible Asset Partners believes in the following investment themes and segments in Germany:

  • The geographic region of Berlin
  • German Shopping Centers (Development and Revitalisation Schemes)
  • Preferred Equity Investments – Senior Stretch and Mezzanine Funding in particular for Real Estate Developments in German core markets.

Alpha World Cities

Tangible Asset Partners pursues best-in-class partnerships for real estate direct investments in selected Alpha World Cities, notably New York City and London.

In particular we are interested in:

  • small office schemes in very good locations that can be converted into condominiums
  • Generation Y office space, particularly in areas of re-urbanisation

Other Real Assets

Tangible Asset Partners is building up resources and know-how in the following Real Asset Strategies. Other forms of Real Estate investments that Tangible Asset Partners considers include:

  • Limited Partnership stakes or feeder fund participation in institutional funds by best-in-class asset managers
  • Secondary Investments in non-listed Real Estate Funds
  • Global Real Estate Securities (Public Markets)
  • Infrastructure: Investments in infrastructure typically exhibit low volatility and low correlation to the traditional asset classes of equity and fixed income. They also provide further essential yield to investors.
  • Natural Resources with a focus on Agribusiness
  • Energy with a focus on Renewables