Tangible Assets | Investment Products
Tangible Asset Partners offers investment products in Germany, Alpha World Cities, and Sub-Saharan Africa.
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Investment Products


DAM Berlin I


The Fund invests into residential, office and retail assets in Berlin, Germany. The focus is on value-add investments and strategies that benefit a) from the differential of acquisition and sales on a per sq.m. basis (residential), b) conversion from office to residential and c) property (re-) developments catering to Generation Y.

Alpha World Cities

Preferred partnerships have been entered for selected Alpha World Cities. Here we constantly see opportunities in the form of direct investments, co-investments and club-deal participations. In those markets we will not create commingled funds, since we do not have a personal on-the-ground presence. However, we consider separate account mandates and structure the allocations according to the LP`s requirements and favored strategies.


  • New York
  • London
  • Barcelona

Sub-Saharan Africa

Gazania Capital Africa Residential I (GCAR I)


The Fund invests into land in selected Sub-Saharan Africa to develop build-to-sell homes for the rising middle-class. Our present focus is on Greater Nairobi (Kenya) and Greater Accra (Ghana). We intend to develop a gated community in the Kiambu region just outside of Nairobi and a residential, inner-city, high-rise in Accra.